Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Starting From the Beginning

This blog will document my explorations into web application development using CakePHP.

My current hosting provides MySQL and PHP on a Linux platform. I can't justify the expense of a server all to myself - even a virtual one. I don't want to have to make sure my server at home is up 27*7 .. so PHP is my language.

I'm fine with this: I have some experience with programming in PHP and have dabbled with Mambo (now Joomla!), Exponent CMS and Drupal. PHP is fairly powerful when it gets going, but is simple enough to knock up code quickly.

Whilst sniffing around the web - reading up on Ruby on Rails as it happens - I stumbled upon CakePHP. I've just completed a custom CMS to back the website I've been maintaining, so this seems an ideal time to see how CakePHP could have made the framework creation simpler.

So ... watch this space.

Oh, and do feel free to correct me and make suggestions!


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